Tyrolean delicacies à la carte

Dished up in Tyrolean manner

Welcome to Grüner’s tavern

The cosy rooms, cladded in wood in a traditional manner, give you the feeling of security and well-being from the first second.

In winter skiers drop by the tavern directly from the ski slopes in Sölden. In summer Grüner’s delicious Alpine beer satisfies hikers’ and bikers’ thirst at the tavern bar.

Regional specialties à la carte, prepared in a creative way

With seasonal fresh food you are always in for a culinary surprise. At Grüner’s Tavern it ranges from traditional dishes, refined for today’s taste, to creative new interpretations.

A typical feature of the Tyrolean cuisine is the liaison between Alpine recipes and the influences of the nearby Italian cuisine.

An exciting mix that produces a unique variety of tastes. And after having finished the meal, you can taste a shot of our homemade apricot brandy as a grand finale.

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